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Changzhou Shuangma Medical Devices Co.,Ltd. is a modern enterprise specializing in production of disposable medical de-vices. The trademark “Shengzhou”is a well-known brand in China. The company is located at eastern suburb of Changzhou city in the Yangtze Delta region,adjacent to Yangtze River in north and nearby Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway,enjoying a conve-nient transportation network of highway,waterway,railway and air port.

The company covers an area of 59000 m2 and building area of 25000 m2 .It has the Class 100,000 clean workshop of 18000 m2 with more than 40% of afforesting area.The enterprise practices the system of the general-manger responsibility under the leadership of the board of directors has six management departments and four production workshops.There are more than 800 employees including technical and management persons of 136,accounting for 17% of the aggregate number.Its main products include sterile hypodermic syringes for single use,infusion and transfusion sets for single use, medical syringes and needles,vaginal sepculum,cervix sampling brush,cervical spatula,urine bag and other series products for single use.Now the annual capability of production comes to 1.2 billion pieces(sets)per year.

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